Emma by Jane

Finique is proud and excited to be stocking the unique and beautiful jewellery from Emma By Jane. 

Since Jane began her brand it has lived by three core values; Friendship and Fashion and Quality. Jane has created a brand that brings high quality fashion to everyone, whilst also highlighting to you how you can create your own unique style by mixing and matching your accessories. 

Friendship is in the name. Emma is Jane's best friend. When they lived together in London, they did as all girls do, shared everything. When Emma arrived fully dressed with accessories from Jane's wardrobe, a comment was made "it's like your styled by Jane, it's like, Emma by Jane'. And so, the Emma by Jane brand was created.

To Jane, fashion is about friendship "when we buy something we tell our friends or ask for their opinion. Fashion is so prominent in our daily conversations and Emma has been so important to me that it was only fitting the name remained".

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